24 Hour Pest Control Service

pest controlIf you have problems with pests, we are here to help. We provide pest control service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for residential, commercial, and agricultural clients. Whatever type of pest control service you require, we can help, including honey or bumble bee and wasp nest removal and rodent and mammal removal. Rats, mice, squirrels, mink, moles, rabbits, and fox are just a few of the mammals and rodents we can remove.

We also help with bird spiking, netting and control.When you have a problem with pests, call the professionals instead of attempting to correct the problem yourself. These pests can spread diseases, including Weils disease, typhoid, dysentery, foot and mouth disease, rat bite fever, scrub typhus, lymphatic meningitis, Murine typhus, plague, and salmonella.

Our Team Of Qualified, Experienced Pest Control  Exterminators

Our highly trained local pest controllers are experienced at removing these pests safely, ensuring that the problem is completely resolved. In the case of do-it-yourself pest control, amateurs often mistakenly remove only the visible threat, not realizing that there may be a hidden wasp nest or hive. We are trained to locate and remove the entire infestation.With our residential, commercial, and agricultural services, you will receive a fast response.. We are fully insured and offer child- and pet-safe products and solutions. We also offer emergency services, responding within an hour if you have an emergency situation. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

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Whether the problem is at your home, business, garden, or farm, you can trust our pest control solutions. We offer:*

*Wasp Nest and Bee Removal
* Rat and Mice Removal and Control
* Bird, Pigeon, and Seagull Control and Proofing ( Netting & Bird Spikes )
* Mole Removal and Trapping
* Flea and Bedbug  Removal Treatments
* Woodworm Treatments
* Insect Control: Moths, Flies, Ants, Beetles, and more
* Fox, Rabbit, and Squirrel Control and Removal

domestic pest problemFor property owners, bird control can be a serious problem, with birds damaging structures and creating dirty, unsanitary conditions. We are your experts in bird control solutions, offering the most effective and humane methods of bird proofing and deterrents. We work with you to develop a custom plan for your situation, including Pigeon and Gull Spikes, bird net systems, bird wire systems, and bird repellents.

Rodents and other wildlife can present serious risks to your health, and they can damage buildings and destroys crops and plants. Rodents gnaw constantly because their teeth grow rapidly their whole lives. This can cause them to damage pipes, electrical cables, and buildings, which can cause fires, floods, and expensive damage. They also carry serious diseases, contaminating your home or business through their droppings and fur. Many insurance companies do not insure against damage caused by rodents, making it even more important to eliminate the pests before they cause damage.

For wildlife, we offer a number of options depending on the situation, including trained dogs, shooting, ferreting, and trapping. Professional ferreting is especially helpful for treating rabbit problems, and fall through early spring is the ideal time. Ferrets are trained to flush out the rabbits toward waiting nets, dogs, or a shooter. This helps ensure that few rabbits are left behind to damage your crops or garden. What ever your problem we have a solution.

Wasp Nest Removal Treatments

wasp nest removalWasps present a growing problem in the UK and pose an obvious danger if the nest is located near your home or business. Stings are certainly painful, and some people have life-threatening allergies. We will remove the wasp nest FAST and give you peace of mind that the danger and nuisance have been removed.We some time can provide fast, discreet service, using an unmarked van so nosy neighbours won’t gossip about what type of pest problem you might have. The sooner you call, the sooner we can solve your pest control problems!
We cover the whole of the UK